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View Resource Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Experiment [doc]

Gas Chromotography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) is an analytical instrument used in many laboratory testing situations. Here is a laboratory exercise that explains and uses this methodology to analyse DMSO. Plenty of images and screenshots accompany this exercise, as well as group discussion questions and questions for individual exploration of mass spectrometry online.

View Resource Pharmaceutical Regulation in the United States: History and a Case Study

Drugs are regulated in the United States by the FDA. This exercise reviews the history of some FDA regulations. The Case Study describes the impact one FDA official had by stopping a dangerous drug from coming on the market in the US. A classroom discussion underscores the importance of regulating new drugs.

View Resource Corn Wet Milling Lab [pdf]

Wet Corn Milling is an industrial process that that converts corn to a wide variety of by-products. The wet milling industry is the largest non-feed user of corn, using approximately 1 billion bushels annually. This lab looks at the separation steps in the industrial processing of corn.

View Resource Extended Biotechnology Courses

The Sweetwater Union High School District has prepared this series of Biotechnology courses for underserved high school students. These courses emphasizes the required knowledge from state standards as well as the skills required for entry level employment. Each includes sample assessments for each objective.

View Resource Biotechnology High School Curriculum Exchange

Here is a collection of Biotechnology topics, course curriculum and classroom syllabi for the high school. Compare your curriculum with others, then share your syllabus or topics you find useful in the classroom.

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