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Laboratory Exercises

View Resource Corn Wet Milling Lab [pdf]

Wet Corn Milling is an industrial process that that converts corn to a wide variety of by-products. The wet milling industry is the largest non-feed user of corn, using approximately 1 billion bushels annually. This lab looks at the separation steps in the industrial processing of corn.

View Resource Chromosomes to Genes to Proteins: The Story of Sickle Cell Anemia [pdf]

This unit, developed by Charlotte Mulvihill, DeAnn Campbell, and Megan Waugh at Oklahoma City Community College, explores the story of "disease genes" and sickle cell anemia. The unit is divided into six parts, each one with questions that check for student understanding: Molecular Biology of Sickle Cell Anemia, Genetics of Sickle Cell Anemia, a Laboratory in which students use electrophoresis...

View Resource NCBI: Education

This Web site from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) offers a set of tutorials problem sets, online tools, FAQs, and documentation to help users make full use of NCBI's bioinformatics tools. The tutorials, which target both new and veteran users, cover NCBI's BLAST and PSI-BLAST, the Entrez cross-database search, Cn3D molecular structure software, and more.

View Resource AgBioSafety: Education Center

Here, visitors will find a variety of curriculum on biotechnology, agriculture, and life sciences from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. There are also student projects, teacher-guided exercises, laboratory exercises, writing assignments, interactive learning, learning modules, and additional resources.

View Resource Affymetrix: Educator Resources

Affymetrix offers a list of valuable resources for educators and students for learning more about genes and ethics. Resources include arrays for gene expression and DNA analysis, a searchable database of scientific publications, curricula, external resources, a student manual, a presentation on Whole Genome Analysis, and an image library.

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