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View Resource Molecular and Cell Biology

From Qiang Zhou, Randy W Schekman, and Thomas C. Alber of the University of California, Berkeley, this course on Molecular and Cell Biology was given in Fall 2008. All 27 video lectures can be found here on iTunesU, topics ranging from Membrane Structure, Control of Translation, RNA Processing, Human Disease Genes, Genomics and Bioinformatics, the DNA Replication Fork, and much more.

View Resource Biomedical Engineering

The course covers basic concepts of biomedical engineering and their connection with the spectrum of human activity. It serves as an introduction to the fundamental science and engineering on which biomedical engineering is based. Case studies of drugs and medical products illustrate the product development-product testing cycle, patent protection, and FDA approval. It is designed for science and...

View Resource NC BioNetwork Videos

BioNetwork's YouTube channel features over 70 videos to help learners prepare for a hands-on lab experience. Watch the procedure, then do it yourself! Featured videos include Micropipetting, Applying a Simple Stain to a Bacterial Culture, Counting Cells with a Hemocytometer, Subculture of a Cell Line, and much more.

View Resource On the Path to a Career in the Lab

In this episode from Advanced Technological Education Television (ATETV), watch a Research Methods in Molecular Biology class where students learn that a "library" can contain something other than just books. Visitors can stream the video through the site, or download the video and its transcript. The video runs 3:28.

View Resource Weed to Wonder

Human ingenuity never ceases! This wonderful website from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory tells the story of how a common Mexican weed (teosinte) was slowly manipulated by humans until it transformed into corn. As an introduction, users might want to start by watching a 2 minute and 50 second video of maize plants growing at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. After that, it's a good idea to look...

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