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View Resource Molecular Literacy

This three-year project worked to enhance science and technology teaching in grades 10-14 by providing Molecular Literacy content in support of careers in biotechnology and nanotechnology. The project developed new materials that used highly interactive molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics models, and embed these models in learning activities that are appropriate for both core science courses...

View Resource Amplification of Mitochondrial DNA

This laboratory activity, by the Biotechnology Education and Training Sequence Investment (BETSI) project at Southwestern College, walks students and educators through the procedure of amplifying mitochondrial DNA. The first section of the activity details the actual amplifying; the second section shows the procedure for DNA analysis by gel electrophoresis once amplification is complete.

View Resource Chromatography

In this activity, by the Concord Consortium's Molecular Literacy project, students "learn about the phases of molecular separation, and then experiment with paper and ion chromatography." The activity itself is a java-based interactive resource built upon the free, open source Molecular Workbench software. In addition, visitors will find an overview of the activity, assessments, and concepts and...

View Resource Fluorescence: Molecular Tagging

In this activity, by the Concord Consortium's Molecular Literacy project, students will be introduced to the concept of fluorescence and how this method allows scientists to better analyze objects at a molecular level. The site is interactive and allows students to interact with virtual cells and tag them just as a scientist would. The focus of the topic can be applied to many different fields,...

View Resource Biotech Faculty Program Handbook

The Faculty Handbook was developed by program faculty at Austin Community College. It serves as a repository of policies, best practices and resources for faculty as well as a guide to professional development opportunities and certification requirements. Although the guide is specific to Austin Community college, it could easily be used as a template for other college programs to follow.

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