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View Resource Upstream Processing

This two page PDF, created by Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative, discusses the key functions and tasks of a manufacturing technician (upstream). The document focuses mostly on: the work compliance with both EH&S and cGMPS, the cleanliness and maintenance of production areas, maintaining effective communication, the preparation of process materials, the preparation of equipment,...

View Resource Biotechnology Education and Training Sequence Investment (BETSI)

Biotechnology Education and Training Sequence Investment (BETSI) is a NSF (National Science Foundation)-ATE (Advanced Technological Education) funded project which is designed to educate students from three area high schools in biotechnology and recruit them into the Southwestern College Biotechnology Program. At Southwestern College, biotech students have the choice of three tracks: certificate,...

View Resource Affymetrix: Educator Resources

Affymetrix offers a list of valuable resources for educators and students for learning more about genes and ethics. Resources include arrays for gene expression and DNA analysis, a searchable database of scientific publications, curricula, external resources, a student manual, a presentation on Whole Genome Analysis, and an image library.

View Resource Student Handbook

This comprehensive handbook represents the student's guide to the ACC Biotechnology program but can be used as a template for any similar occupational program. Contents include program mission, program policies including health and safety procedures and laboratory rules and information, as well as curriculum options, course descriptions, etc. A Microsoft word file is also available.

View Resource Biotech Faculty Program Handbook

The Faculty Handbook was developed by program faculty at Austin Community College. It serves as a repository of policies, best practices and resources for faculty as well as a guide to professional development opportunities and certification requirements. Although the guide is specific to Austin Community college, it could easily be used as a template for other college programs to follow.

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