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View Resource The Second Look Series

The Second Look series is a self-review and evaluation tool for persons who are about to take a histology quiz or exam. Histology (the study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues of plants and animals) is a complex subject, but this fine resource is a concise way to review the important material. Developed as part of the University of Michigan's OpenCourseWare initiative, the materials...

View Resource Weed to Wonder

Human ingenuity never ceases! This wonderful website from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory tells the story of how a common Mexican weed (teosinte) was slowly manipulated by humans until it transformed into corn. As an introduction, users might want to start by watching a 2 minute and 50 second video of maize plants growing at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. After that, it's a good idea to look...

View Resource Working Safely in Your NuAire Biological Safety Cabinet

This support page from NuAire provides videos and text to help you work safely with your NuAire Biological Safety Cabinet. Divided into seven chapters, visitors can watch all videos as an overview or target the specific help they need. The chapters, following an introduction, are: Understanding the Biosafety Cabinet, Proper Preparation, Using Proper Procedures and Techniques, Working in your...

View Resource Protein Purification Manual

This laboratory manual outlines the procedures for the purification of an enzyme, -galactosidase, from a strain of E. coli cells. Extracting and purifying this protein from E. coli will be a multi-step process, starting from cell paste of E. Coli, progressing through several separation methods, and ending with analysis and verification of the purified protein by polyacrylamide gel ...

View Resource Biomedical Engineering

The course covers basic concepts of biomedical engineering and their connection with the spectrum of human activity. It serves as an introduction to the fundamental science and engineering on which biomedical engineering is based. Case studies of drugs and medical products illustrate the product development-product testing cycle, patent protection, and FDA approval. It is designed for science and...