Two New Elements Added to the Periodic Table

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Autumn Hall-Tun
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Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Two new radioactive elements, which have yet to be named, have been added to the periodic table after three years of review by the governing bodies of chemistry and physics. Both of the new elements were discovered by a joint team from Dubna, Russia and California. The elements are said to be highly radioactive and exist for less than a second before decay.


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Not known Facts About Overalls
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Internet marketing can help anyone sell your merchandise. A good few of the major ways to sell by Website marketing consist of search engine unit optimization, pop-up advertising and even articles. This article incorporate some priceless internet affiliate marketing tips which will assist you to succeed about the world wide internet.

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Health Benefits of Sea Salt
Nowadays Salt - What is Sea Salt? is a common practice in homes to use sea salt to make our dishes more tasty. There are different kinds of sea salt in the market and they are very easy to apply and use.

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Overcome Your Panic Attacks With These Pointers
If you are set to learn all that there is to learn about panic attacks, then you need to know that you are at the start of a long but important task. Doing so can help you to recognize the symptoms and also treat these panic attacks properly for anybody who may suffer from them.

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Himalayan Salt Heart - From Tibet To the World
Salt is found naturally in many different foods and is also used as a spice. The presence of sea salt in your household can help to balance the pH level in your home and your daily diet. Here are some facts about sea salt, which will help you better understand the role that it can play in your life.

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Organic Iodine Salt - Organic Iodine Supplement
Salt, which is also known as sodium chloride, comes from the earth's crust. It is very common in natural history as well as in nature. Some of the plants and animals that use this mineral include rhubarb, milkweed, catmint, ashwagandha, hops, cassia, many more.

In human bodies, salt gets absorbed into the body through the walls of the veins and the organs where it is used to excrete

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The approach involving follicular hair transplants is deemed to be the most effective amid hair restoration methods. In follicular hair transplant, the surgeon transplants hair from the long lasting zone in the back again of the scalp onto the influenced places.

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