RSS plugin - where to configure?

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RSS plugin - where to configure?

I'm cleaning up our upgraded CWIS sites. I noticed that the RSS stuff did not work, and found this:

RSS feed support has been removed from the core software and replaced by the new RSS Export plugin, which supports creating RSS feeds on a wide variety of pages, using items from any schema type (resources, events, blog posts, etc).


So that makes sense ... but where should I be finding the configuration for it now?


(We have a customized SysAdmin.html, but comparing it to the default SysAdmin.html I didn't see anything relevant.)



Re: RSS plugin - where to configure?

OK, I figured out where to configure it:



By default, the one feed in the RSSExport_Feeds table seems to be getting 15 random resources (or at any rate I can't figure out how they are being selected). 

How do I configure the feed to give me the most recently created resources, regardless of classification?



Re: RSS plugin - where to configure?

The first of those two links, PluginConfig&PN=RSSExport, should be reachable from System Administration / Plugins / gear icon on the far right of the "RSS Export" plugin.  Most plugins are configured via those gear icons.

The second of those two links, P_RSSExport_ListFeeds, should be reachable from System Administration / RSS Feeds (Export) -- this should appear under the "System Administration" section. If your local custom SysAdmin.html lacks DisplayAddedMenuItems("EVENT_SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATION_MENU"), that would explain its failure to appear.

On the "Edit Feed" page mentioned in your second link, under "Required Resource Metadata Settings", the "Publication Date Metadata Field" determines which resources are displayed.  By default, it displays 15 of the most recently released resources.  To get most recently created, change that setting to "Date of Record Creation".

Note that only resources with Release Flag = 1 will show up in the RSS feed.