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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAFTaskManagerTask manager component of top-level framework for web applications
 CApplicationFrameworkTop-level framework for web applications
 CBarChartClass for generating and displaying a bar chart
 CChart_BaseBase class for generating and displaying a chart
 CCheckboxFormFieldGenerator for checkbox input fields
 CClassificationMetadata type representing hierarchical ("Tree") controlled vocabulary values
 CClassificationFactoryFactory for producing and manipulating Classification objects
 CConfigSettingsUIClass supplying a standard user interface for viewing and setting configuration parameters
 CControlledNameMetadata type representing non-hierarchical controlled vocabulary values
 CControlledNameFactoryFactory for manipulating ControlledName objects
 CCWPluginThis class extends the base Plugin class with CWIS-specific functionality
 CCWUserCWIS-specific user class
 CCWUserFactoryCWIS-specific user factory class
 CDatabaseSQL database abstraction object with smart query caching
 CEmailElectronic mail message
 CEventLogClass for storing and retrieving event information from database
 CFileClass representing a stored (usually uploaded) file
 CFileFactoryFactory for manipulating File objects
 CFolderFolder object used to create and manage groups of items
 CFolderFactoryFactory object for Folder class, used to retrieve and manage Folders and groups of Folders
 CFormFieldGenerator for HTML form fields
 CFormToolHelps print and validate form fields, and their errors, associated with a form
 CFormUIChild class (covering presentation elements only) supplying a standard user interface for presenting and working with HTML forms
 CFormUI_BaseBase class (covering non-presentation elements) supplying a standard user interface for presenting and working with HTML forms
 CForumA converastion forum which includes topics and messages
 CHtmlOptionListConvenience class for generating an HTML select/option form element
 CHtmlRadioButtonSetConvenience class for generating a set of HTML radio button form elements
 CHumanMetadataFieldGiven a metadata field, this class returns human-readable values for each value of the field
 CiCalendarClass to generate a simple iCalendar document
 CItemCommon base class for persistent items store in database
 CItemFactoryCommon factory class for item manipulation
 CItemListUIClass to provide a user interface for displaying a list of items
 CJsonHelperConvenience class for standardizing JSON responses, making it easier to export primitive data types to JSON format, and printing JSON responses
 CMessageAbstraction for forum messages and resource comments
 CMessageFactoryFactory for forum messages / resource comments
 CMetadataFieldObject representing a locally-defined type of metadata field
 CMetadataFieldGroupClass that builds on the foldering functionality to provide groups of metadata fields
 CMetadataFieldOrderClass to build metadata field ordering functionality on top of the foldering functionality
 CMetadataSchemaMetadata schema (in effect a Factory class for MetadataField)
 CMockItemCreate a MockItem extending Item for testing because Item is an abstract class
 CMockItemTwoDummy Item child class
 CMysqlSystemVariablesClass that allows permits easier access to MySQL system variables
 CNeatlyTruncateString_TestTest cases for NeatlyTruncateString in StdLib
 COptionFormFieldGenerator for option form fields
 CPasswordFormFieldAbstraction for password forms
 CPersistentDoublyLinkedListPersistent doubly-linked-list data structure, with its data stored in a specified database table
 CPersistentDoublyLinkedList_TestTests for the PersistentlyDoublyLinkedList
 CPieChartClass for generating and displaying a pie chart
 CPluginBase class for all plugins
 CPluginManagerManager to load and invoke plugins
 CPopupWindowLightboxed pop-up window with repeat prevention
 CPrivilegeUser rights management framework allowing custom privege definition
 CPrivilegeEditingUIUser interface element for editing PrivilegeSets
 CPrivilegeFactoryFactory which extracts all defined privileges from the database
 CPrivilegeSetSet of privileges used to access resource information or other parts of the system
 CPrivilegeSetCompatibilityShimCompatibility layer allowing interfaces built against the privilege system from CWIS 3.0.0 through 3.1.0 to continue working
 CQualifierFactoryFactory class for Qualifier
 CQuickSearchHelperConvenience class for QuickSearch responses, making it easy to share functions common to different types of QuickSearch objects
 CRecommenderRecommendation engine
 CResourceRepresents a "resource" in CWIS
 CResourceFactoryFactory for Resource objects
 CRestAPIHelperThis class provides a general-purpose library for encrypted REST calls and responses
 CRSSClientImplements an RSS client for fetching, parsing, and caching RSS feeds
 CSavedSearchFactoryFactory for manipulating SavedSearch objects
 Cscss_formatterSCSS base formatter
 Cscss_formatter_compressedSCSS compressed formatter
 Cscss_formatter_nestedSCSS nested formatter
 Cscss_parserSCSS parser
 Cscss_serverSCSS server
 CscsscSCSS compiler written in PHP
 CSearchEngineCore metadata archive search engine class
 CSearchEngine_TestTest cases for SearchEngine
 CSearchFacetUISearchFacetUI supports the generation of a user interface for faceted search, by taking the search parameters and search results and generating the data needed to lay out the HTML
 CSearchParameterSetSet of parameters used to perform a search
 CSearchParameterSetEditingUIClass to create a user interface for editing SearchParameterSets
 CSPTImageEncapsulates a full-size, preview, and thumbnail image
 CStdLibStandard utility library
 CTabbedContentUIClass to provide a user interface for displaying content in a tabbed format
 CTestSearchEngineCreate a concrete class extending SearchEngine (which is abstract) for testing
 CTextFormFieldGenerator for text input fields
 CTopicAbstraction for topics within a Forum
 CTransportControlsUIClass to provide support for transport controls (used for paging back and forth through a list) in the user interface
 CTransportControlsUI_BaseClass to provide support for transport controls (used for paging back and forth through a list) in the user interface
 CUserEditingUIClass supplying standard methods that process changes to user entered via HTML forms
 CVocabularyControlled vocabulary
 CVocabularyFactoryFactory for manipulating Vocabulary objects