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PasswordFormField Class Reference

Abstraction for password forms. More...

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- Public Member Functions inherited from TextFormField
 __construct ($Name, $IsRequired, $Label, $Length, $MaxLength, $ValidFunc=NULL, $ValidMsgs=NULL)
 Object Constructor. More...
 Length ($NewVal=NULL)
 Get or set the display length for this field. More...
 MaxLength ($NewVal=NULL)
 Get or set the maximum input length for this field. More...
 PrintInput ($DisplayErrorIndicator=FALSE)
 Generate HTML for this object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from FormField
 __construct ($Name, $IsRequired, $Label, $ValidFunc, $ValidMsgs)
 Object Constructor. More...
 Name ($NewVal=NULL)
 Get or set the name. More...
 IsRequired ($NewVal=NULL)
 Get/set IsRequired. More...
 Label ($NewVal=NULL)
 Get or set the form field label as shown to the user. More...
 Value ($NewVal=NULL)
 Get or set the form field value. More...
 IsPassword ()
 Determine if this form field is a password form field. More...
 PrintField ($DisplayErrorIndicator=FALSE)
 Print the form field label and generate input tags for this form field. More...
 PrintLabel ($DisplayErrorIndicator=FALSE)
 Print the label for this form field without generating the input tags. More...
 IsInvalidValue ($Value)
 Check the validity of the form field's value. More...
 GetInvalidValueMessage ($ErrorCode)
 Map an error code from IsInvalidValue to an error message. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from FormField

Detailed Description

Abstraction for password forms.

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