CWIS Developer Documentation
CWIS Developer Documentation

CWIS is designed to be extensible, both to allow extending or modifying the software's functionaiity and to support implementing a look and feel that will optimally meet the needs of the target organization or audience. Toward this end there are two mechanisms explicitly provided: plugins, which are drop-in PHP modules that modify or extend functionality, and interfaces, which are sets of HTML, CSS, and PHP files that supplant or extend the set of web pages presented to the end user.


CWIS Directory Structure - What files are where and why.


Implementing CWIS Plugins - How to modify or extend CWIS functionality via a plugin.

Advanced CWIS Plugin Implementation - Advanced topics, such as plugins declaring their own events or having their own PHP or HTML pages.

CWIS Event Callbacks - Points in CWIS where plugins can hook in to modify data or execute their own code.


Implementing CWIS Interfaces - How to modify or extend the look and feel of your CWIS site.