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Try our demo site!

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Don't worry, you can't break anything here!  This site is erased and refreshed from a known-good copy daily.  So please, explore.

You can log in as a regular user with username 'user', password 'user'.  You can log in as an admin with username 'admin', password 'admin'.

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View Resource Fuel Cell Today

Fuel Cells Today is a useful online resource with a very diverse range of materials about fuel cell technology. Possibly the most interesting part of the site is the Reference Centre, where users can find information on different types of fuel cells, their applications, history of their development, possible materials to use in their design, and more. All educational and technical descriptions are...
View Resource Where to Find Material Safety Data Sheets On the Internet

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are an invaluable information source for those working with dangerous substances such as chemicals. One problem often encountered, though, is having access to the sheet when needed; that's where the aptly named Web site, Where to Find Material Safety Data Sheets On the Internet, comes in. The site is provided by Interactive Learning Paradigms Incorporated and...
View Resource A Practical Guide to Mycorrhiza

Created by Dr. Ted St. John, this Web site contains a detailed guide to mycorrhiza, the group of fungi that live in association with plant roots. Simply presented and easy to use, this online guide offers users loads of mycorrhiza-related information, including Ted's Chunky Style Myco-bits, a section that describes the types of mycorrhiza, the benefits of mycorrizal inoculation, details on soil...
View Resource Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month for October 2002

Biologist Tom Volk of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse offers his ghostly fungus of the month in this Web site, just in time for Halloween. Dr. Volk covers just about everything there is to know about Monotropa uniflora (not actually a fungus but a fungus-like member of the blueberry family) and closely related plants. The site includes photos and an audio pronunciation guide. Visitors may...
View Resource Virtual Antarctica

Provided by, the Virtual Antarctica Web site presents a ship's expedition to the continent and describes what is found along the way. The science portion describes such things as the geology, geography, and climate of the area, as well as various biological features of the land and water. Other sections of the site contain information on Antarctica's history and ecology, as well as...