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View Resource Nano-Link: Unit Cells and Crystal Structures

In this module students create a saturated solution using borax, sodium acetate, and copper sulfate. Upon drying, each crystal will have a different shape. The shape at the macro level is driven by the arrangement of atoms. This repeating arrangement of atoms is the defining characteristic of a crystal structure, and is based on the geometry of the fundamental unit cell. Students may introduce...
View Resource 3D Spatial Visualization Skill

Additive Manufacturing, or 3-D printing, is the process of making a three dimensional object using an additive process where the object is built by laying successive layers of material to shape the object. This distinguishes AM from traditional manufacturing where machining techniques that rely on removal of material by cutting, milling or drilling (subtractive process) are used. Spatial...
View Resource Recycling Materials

Abstract Materials recycling has become popular not only to save the environment, but it has also become big business. Recyclable materials include: fibers, plastics, glass (a type of ceramic), and metals. Paper (a fiber made from a cellulose composite) recycling is probably the most widely known and common type of recycling. This module introduces concepts of material processing (called...
View Resource Additive Manufacturing: Processes and Standard Terminology

Abstract This module provides an introduction to Additive Manufacturing Terminology used in manufacturing and in the classroom. Using the standard terminology developed by ASTM International, the student will explore the basic processes used in additive manufacturing and will compare and contrast these processes. The lesson can be used for large or small groups. Objectives include: define the...
View Resource Additive Manufacturing: Standard Practice for Reporting Data for Test Specimens Prepared by Additive Manufacturing

This module provides: an overview of the standard specification for additive manufacturing file format. Objectives include: identifying Test Specimen report forms; explaining the data contained on test specimen report forms; describing the physical alignment for test specimens in the build box for proper building for testing