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View Resource MAST Concrete Module Experiment 1 What’s the Matter

This activity is an introduction to the physical properties of matter. The objective of this laboratory is to identify different classes of matter based on their physical properties, specifically the ingredients of concrete. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the physical properties of concrete. The different materials used in concrete will be examined for magnetic properties, color...
View Resource MAST Concrete Module Experiment 2 How Dense is it?

The examination of the density of concrete and aggregates. This laboratory experiment is used to determine the density of a concrete sample and to examine the effect of various types of aggregates on concrete's density. It uses different samples of concrete and a graduated cylinder to measure density.
View Resource MAST Concrete Module Experiment 3 Hot and Cold pHun!

This experiment is concerned with the cement hydration and the pH evolution during the curing process. This experiment will have the students calculating the amount of water that will react during the hydration process when cement becomes concrete under varying curing temperatures. They will also be observing the changes in pH level that occurs during the curing process.
View Resource MAST Concrete Module Experiment 6 Make and Take!

This experiment focuses on developing an understanding of concrete as a construction material. Concrete products will be designed and constructed. In this laboratory students will be using two different sized containers that fit concentrically inside one another to create an enlarged crucible or planter box shape. Concrete will then be poured into that container and the concrete part will be...
View Resource MWM Concrete Module

Students learn how the components of concrete can be modified to alter the properties of concrete. They use their knowledge to make concrete roofing tiles that meet specific design and performance criteria.
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