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View Resource MAST Semiconductors Module Experiment 5 Alternating to Direct

This laboratory illustrates how diodes can be used to rectify alternating current. It uses galvanometer to determine the direction of current flow when an AC or DC current is applied to the circuit containing a diode in series with a resistor and a galvanometer.
View Resource ECI Composites Material Science: 2-2 Plaster of Paris Matrix Composite

Introduction to the reinforcement affects composite behavior and the three point bend test. Students will be creating plaster beams with and without reinforcement. The reinforcing materials can vary, however they must be verified by the professor. Plaster beams are created using plastic molds with reinforcements laid within. The beams are then tested using a home made mechanical testing apparatus,...

View Resource MAST Semiconductors Module Experiment 1 Electronic Familiarity

Identifying electronic components. Students use old samples of circuit boards from televisions, radios and calculators to identify electrical components.
View Resource MAST Semiconductors Module Experiment 2 Hot and Cold

Temperature and Resistance of electronic materials To investigate the effects of changing temperature on the conductivity and resistivity of various electrical materials and devices.
View Resource MAST Semiconductors Module Experiment 3 Let There Be Light

Photoconductive properties of semiconductors. Uses cadmium sulfide photocell subjected to varying light intensities to quantify its electrical resistance properties.
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