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View Resource The Macrogalleria

This website contains basically everything you would want to know about polymer science. Over a hundred mini-articles are present and are organized into an interactive mall of sorts. Each floor deals with a specific topic (listed above) and contains several articles, most of which contain useful molecular images and links to other articles. Many of the articles also contain interactive 3-D...
View Resource MatEdU Module: Iron and Steel—Properties and Applications

Many students are unfamiliar with the specifics related to the structure, properties and compositions of steels in common use. This module provides an introduction to iron and steel, and discusses relative strength of products, magnetic properties, crystal structure and introduces stainless steels and other alloy steels. Students learn about iron and steel through discussions, demonstrations and...
View Resource MatEdU Module: Welding Introduction

This module is meant to introduce students to the nomenclature of metal welding and to demonstrate some of the techniques using video clips. Welding processes are discussed along with weldability issues and welding effects such as heat effects in metals. It is meant to be useful for any student in manufacturing since acronyms in welding are many with the same process having several abbreviations.
View Resource MatEdU Module: Titanium, Aluminum or Steel?

Testing of metals is usually undertaken with sophisticated instruments. However, you can demonstrate to your students the basic differences between certain classes of metals using the simple spark test, presented here. You can even have your students test their “titanium” sports equipment to see if it really titanium! In many cases, they will find that the name “titanium” is used for marketing...
View Resource MatEdU Module: Speed Rusting and Hot Hands

This metals processing experiment demonstrates the heat released when iron is oxidized. Normal oxidation (rusting) provides the same heat but over a prolonged period of time. Here, the process is rapid and is quite noticeable. This is used commercially to produce hand warmers and related products. Variations in the method and constituents in the reaction demonstrate the influence of variations in...