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View Resource Additive Manufacturing: Materials and Processes

This module provides: an overview of the materials used in Additive Manufacturing printers, including the properties, process, strength, production time, uses, post processing requirements and relative cost for use. Objectives include: define the types of materials: used in additive manufacturing: explain the various processes used in additive manufacturing; determine the appropriate process,...
View Resource Additive Manufacturing: Standard Terminology for Additive Manufacturing óCoordinate Systems and Test Methodologies

This module provides an introduction to the terminology used when using the coordinate system and testing methodologies for additive manufacturing. Using the standard terminology developed by ASTM International, the student will explore the coordinate systems and the testing methodologies as they apply to additive manufacturing. The lesson can be used for large or small groups. Objectives include:...
View Resource Standard Specification for Additive Manufacturing File Format (AMF)

This module provides: an overview of the standard specification for additive manufacturing file format. Objectives include: Defining the additive manufacturing file format; explaining the various terminologies used the additive manufacturing file format; and contrasting and comparing the similarities and differences between the .stl and the .amf file formats.
View Resource Materials for 3D Printing by Fused Deposition

The lesson includes lecture materials and demonstrations/activities for illustrating concepts related to polymer properties in 3D printing. A basic overview of polymer structure and behavior is followed by classroom activities, and then a more in-depth discussion of the specific polymers used in common fused deposition modeling (FDM) printers. The effects of chemistry and structure on the...
View Resource The Macrogalleria

This website contains basically everything you would want to know about polymer science. Over a hundred mini-articles are present and are organized into an interactive mall of sorts. Each floor deals with a specific topic (listed above) and contains several articles, most of which contain useful molecular images and links to other articles. Many of the articles also contain interactive 3-D...