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Nano-Link: Unit Cells and Crystal Structures

In this module students create a saturated solution using borax, sodium acetate, and copper sulfate. Upon drying, each crystal will have a different shape. The shape at the macro level is driven by the arrangement of atoms. This repeating arrangement of atoms is the defining characteristic of a crystal structure, and is based on the geometry of the fundamental unit cell. Students may introduce other chemicals to change the resulting structure. This module serves as a good introduction to crystal structures supplementing the typical ball and stick models.
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Publication Date 2015
Developer Nano-Link
Student Level 8-10 grade
Activities Lab
Topic Crystallography
Format Lab w/powerpoint
MatEdU Core Competencies Bb3. Analyze test data, compare and contrast information, draw rational conclusions.
Cc1 Demonstrate familiarity with good laboratory practice.
5a3 Apply knowledge of chemical and environmental safety including waste disposal and recycling
Bb5 Apply the scientific method in a laboratory and in a variety of technical situations
Supplies and Equipment Distilled or deionized water
 Sodium acetate, anhydrous
 Test tube and test tube rack
 Hotplate and beaker or water bath
 Plastic or glass Petri dishes (optional)
 Stir sticks
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Date Of Record Release 2018-01-12 12:11:20
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