[Cwisannounce] CWIS 2.4.0 Released

Edward Almasy ealmasy at scout.wisc.edu
Tue Nov 20 13:04:54 CST 2012

CWIS version 2.4.0 has been released, and is now available for download on the Scout web site.

New functionality in this release:
new completely-revamped metadata field editor
new ability to group metadata fields into collapsible sections within the resource editing interface
new "Requeue All" option for orphaned tasks on Task Queue page
new option to pause background task execution (available on Task Queue page)
server load average now displayed on Administration page
metadata field ordering functionality revamped
new "Recently Added Records" section on Metadata Tool home page
revamped developer documentation interface
added support for using SMTP for email delivery
New plugins included in this release:
Folders:  create and save resource folders (groups of resources), add notes to resources and folders, move resources around in folders and between folders with a drag-and-drop interface
Pages:  create new web pages and add and edit content on these pages with a WYSIWYG editor
Developer:  display page variable values and set PHP error reporting level from the web interface
Backward Compatibility:  encapsulates and isolates some of the CWIS 1.x backward compatibility code
Updated plugins included in this release:
Mailman:  new one-click unsubscribe mechanism
GoogleMaps:  improved KML 2.2 schema compliance
DrupalSync:  new automatic propagation of accounts from CWIS to Drupal for CWIS accounts that predate usage of the plugin
AutoScreenshot:  improved error handling and new support for 64-bit servers
Mailer:  new email test option on mail template editing interface
(Some of the above was introduced in version 2.3.1, an interim limited release that went only to beta test groups.)

CWIS 2.4.0 requires PHP 5.0.5 or newer and MySQL 5.0 or newer.  Sites running CWIS 1.4.0 or SPT 1.4.0 or later can upgrade directly to 2.4.0;  sites running versions prior to 1.4.0 will first need to upgrade to 1.4.0 and then to 2.4.0.

After installing the new version, we would ask that you use the Register with Scout feature on the Administration menu to let us know you're using the new version of software.  It really helps us determine what kind of operating environments the software is running in, and where next to go with development.

We look forward to your feedback on this new version of CWIS.


 Edward Almasy						ealmasy at scout.wisc.edu
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 Computer Sciences Department		608-262-6606 (voice)
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