[SPT/CWIS] quick way to delete records from failed import

Esa Kaarakainen esa.kaarakainen at uku.fi
Sun May 1 13:33:51 CDT 2005


bulk deletion is possible using Purge sample records -option. For those 
records you wish to delete use SQL and update Description-field in 
Resources table to '[--SAMPLE RECORD--]' . After that you should be able to 
delete all records and other data that is associated to them using Purge 
Sample Records. I used that method when testing importing.



At 29.4.2005 14:00, you wrote:

>Hi there,
>I tried to import a whole lot of records (~2500) in our test server but it 
>sopt after 600 odd of them with the error "there was a error in your 
>import" (or something along these lines).
>I would like to delete these records and start again with a newly 
>generated import file, but it seems that the only way to do so is to 
>delete them one by one from the web interface. (doing a search and 
>selecting the resluts for deletion would be quite useful).
>I suspect delete them in the mysql database straight is feasible but I 
>will probably leave quite a lot of dead info around.
>something to note is that all the records are under the vetgate 
>Any ideas on the subject?
>         Thanks
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