[SPT/CWIS] advanced search for date ranges?

Edward Almasy ealmasy at scout.wisc.edu
Wed May 4 10:30:02 CDT 2005

On Wed, May 04, at 01:44:04AM, Herr, Jeremy wrote:
> 	Can I customize the advanced search feature to let users search
> for resources with Date Issued occurring within certain months, years,
> or specific ranges?  I didn't see an obvious way to do this.  You can
> search for a particular date, but not ranges that I can tell.  This is
> quite important to us, since all of our records are lectures.

   You can search for date ranges just by entering them into Advanced
   Search.  For example, to search for a resource issued during the first
   half of 2003, you might enter "jan 2003 - jun 2003".  CWIS does its
   best to figure out whatever date or date range is entered, and most
   unambiguous formats are supported.


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