[SPT/CWIS] Advanced Search limits don't work

Herr, Jeremy herrj at umich.edu
Thu May 5 18:06:09 CDT 2005

Cool!  That did in fact fix it.

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On Thu, May 05, at 11:04:37AM, Herr, Jeremy wrote:
> 	This may have been noted already, but in the Advanced Search
> page, setting limits always yields 0 results.  For example, all 14 of
> our resources are in English, and I checked to see that they were all
> correctly labeled.  But searching under Date Issued 1999 - 2005 (which
> otherwise yields every single resource) AND limiting to language =
> English yields 0 results.

   This is a problem with some versions of MySQL.  If you add at least
   one controlled name variant (doesn't matter what value or where --
   just need to have at least one in the system so it's not querying off
   of an empty table) it should fix the above.


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