[SPT/CWIS] making changes to CWIS database

Herr, Jeremy herrj at umich.edu
Fri May 6 09:38:40 CDT 2005

Hi Ed and friends,
	CWIS is really great and is almost ideal for our application of
serving searchable "Web Lectures".  I've been customizing it by editing
the html files and it's really easy to do.
	But of course there are things specific to our application that
it lacks and that I am going to implement.  One is that CWIS lets you
enter multiple Creators per resource, but I want to have full vCard info
on each Creator (at least home institution and email address), so I'm
going to create a People table.  I guess I will create a new PHP page
for entry and editing, and can edit the CWIS PrintRecord function to
display it, but I don't know how I'll enable searching on it yet.
	Another thing I am going to do is to create a Slides table -
each of our Web Lectures has a linear sequence of JPG images (slides)
that are synchronized with the video of the speaker, and we extract all
the text from these slides.  In the Slides table, each row will consist
of a list of extracted keywords, the record id, and a url linking
directly to the point in the video where that slide is discussed.
Again, I don't know how I am going to incorporate this into the existing
CWIS Advanced Search.
	Does this sound reasonable, or am I ignoring some existing way
of doing this?

	Also, I would be really curious to know if other people have
made substantial additions/changes to CWIS, and if these are posted in
some central location.


herrj at umich.edu
office 734-647-5462
fax 734-763-9694

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