[SPT/CWIS] MySQL problem during after fields edition

Gustavo Kouri gkouric at infomed.sld.cu
Sat May 7 08:36:55 CDT 2005


Hi everybody:


We have a little problem when we tray to make some change in the fields.
That is, all the changes are accepted during the edition, but when we go to
home page, the next message appear:


SQL Statement: SELECT * FROM Resources WHERE DateOfRecordCreation >
DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 3650 DAY) AND ReleaseFlag = 1 AND ResourceId >= 0
ORDER BY DateOfRecordCreation DESC LIMIT 0, 999999999

SQL Error: Unknown column 'DateOfRecordCreation' in 'where clause'


By the way how can we know is an Spanish version of SPT exist, and where can
we download?


Thank a lot





www.sld.cu <http://www.sld.cu/> 


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