Herr, Jeremy herrj at umich.edu
Tue May 10 11:30:05 CDT 2005

	I just want to report what appears to be a real life bug in
CWIS, that can cause a lot of pain.  It happens when you are entering
metadata for a new record or editing an existing one.  If there is
anything wrong with your metadata, e.g. missing a required field or a
number field is out of bounds, you are presented with an error page and
instructed to click your browser's BACK button to fix the problem.  When
you click BACK, some/most/all of your entries are completely
obliterated.  Moreover, these obliterated fields seem to be immediately
committed to the database, so that clicking on cancel does not save you
- the metadata is already gone.  It seems like the Controlled Name lists
get obliterated most often, but any of the other fields can get
obliterated too.
	I tried it with Firefox and IE and got the exact same behavior.
For our application, we have many metadata fields per resource, having
added many of our own.  So it is especially painful.  We have made
almost all fields optional, reducing the likelihood of our experiencing
this bug, but it is not an optimal way of doing things.


herrj at umich.edu
office 734-647-5462
fax 734-763-9694

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