[SPT/CWIS] making changes to CWIS database

Herr, Jeremy herrj at umich.edu
Tue May 10 11:39:28 CDT 2005

Many Open Source applications have adopted a "plugin" framework that
allows developers to create their own
functionality without having to modify the primary application. Recently
I've been playing with various blog and
website Content Management Systems and am impressed at how well this
framework works. Some examples of PHP/MySQL
applications that use this type of plugin architecture are Drupal
(http://www.drupal.org/) and WordPress
(http://wordpress.org/). It seems to me that CWIS, which provides a
solid set of core functionality, would be an
excellent base for a wide variety of plugins. The applications Jeremy
and I describe are just two and like Jeremy I
would be interested in hearing from others who have considered adding to
or modifying CWIS to fine-tune it to their
particular application.

Hi Mark,
	I think plug-ins would be great.  We at U of Michigan ATLAS
Collaboratory Project ( http://vesuvio.physics.lsa.umich.edu/acp ) have
been developing a "Lecture Object" archiving protocol that we would like
to turn into a standard, since multimedia presentations are generally
all pretty similar and it would be nice for everyone's lectures to be
easily viewable and archivable by everybody else.
	Anyway, A Lecture Object plug-in for CWIS would be exactly the
kind of thing I would be interested in providing if the framework to do
so were there.  I've been spending the last few weeks adding metadata
fields and customizing CWIS to deal with Lecture Objects appropriately,
since they are a little more complicated than e.g. a scanned painting.


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