[SPT/CWIS] MySQL problem during after fields edition

Edward Almasy ealmasy at scout.wisc.edu
Tue May 10 17:49:17 CDT 2005

On Sat, May 07, at 09:36:55AM, Gustavo Kouri wrote:
> We have a little problem when we tray to make some change in the fields.
> That is, all the changes are accepted during the edition, but when we go to
> home page, the next message appear:
>   SQL Statement: SELECT * FROM Resources WHERE DateOfRecordCreation >
>   DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 3650 DAY) AND ReleaseFlag = 1 AND ResourceId >= 0
>   ORDER BY DateOfRecordCreation DESC LIMIT 0, 999999999
> SQL Error: Unknown column 'DateOfRecordCreation' in 'where clause'

   DateOfRecordCreation is one of the fields required by SPT/CWIS, so you
   have to have it in there, although you can just toggle the Viewable flag
   on it so it only shows up inside the Metadata Tool.

   (The Metadata Field Editor is not supposed to allow you to delete the
   required fields, but it looks like that safety check isn't working for at
   least one of them in the current version.)


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