[SPT/CWIS] Review of CWIS for WCET

Brian Lamb brian.lamb at ubc.ca
Fri May 13 22:46:24 CDT 2005

Greetings to the Fedora Community,

I sent the email below to a few members of the Scout development team, 
but have yet to receive a response.  If anyone has the time to answer a 
few questions, or would like to review my draft review before I submit 
it, please contact me.


I am presently working with the Western Cooperative on Educational 
Telecommunications (WCET - http://www.wcet.info) and the Edutools 
project (http://www.edutools.info) on a project to review a number of 
leading learning object repositories for a consortium of state 
university systems in the US. Each of these partners are going to use 
the reviews we produce to assist them in choosing repository software.  
We are reviewing 6 repository systems as part of this project, and the 
consortium members have selected CWIS as one of those six.  You can 
review the results of last year's study at: 

In order to produce the reviews, we follow the same 3-stage process 
that has been a success in reviewing course management systems and 
repositories for Edutools in the past. Our process consists of:

1) going through all available public product websites and available 
product literature, including manuals when provided;
2) working through a hands-on demo of the product;
3) incorporating feedback and comments from the product provider 
(yourself) to ensure the review is as comprehensive and free from error 
as possible.

We are on a fairly tight deadline on this project - we would like to 
get final signoff of our draft from you by May 20th, but in order to do 
that we would need to have access to any available product literature 
and hands-on demo as soon as possible. I have briefly reviewed your 
website and begun a preliminary draft. If you could send me any 
additional product literature, technical specifications or whitepapers 
this would assist in this process.  If there is a test installation 
available, I would be grateful for an account.  Based on my experience 
last year, I would also be grateful if we could schedule a brief phone 
interview so I can ask questions relatively early in the process.

Thanks for your assistance in creating the most accurate review of CWIS 
that is possible.

I also wish to extend an invitation to you to present CWIS at WCET's 
meeting for the sponsoring organizations scheduled for May 23rd and 
24th (AM only).  While you are welcome to do so in person, our 
expectation is that you would likely prefer to present remotely -- we 
will have Breeze and an audioconference system available to facilitate 
remote presentations.


Brian Lamb
Project Coordinator
Office of Learning Technology
The University of British Columbia

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