[SPT/CWIS] problem on 'Edit Sys Config' page and 'About' pages

kim at secondhandknowledge.net kim at secondhandknowledge.net
Sun May 22 11:53:11 CDT 2005

Hi Ed, I am using 1.3.1 and it's been going great. I setup sys config and added 100+ resources.

Today I went to 'Edit System Config' to change the number of news items and edit the 'About' info.
But there was no 'submit changes' button at the bottom.  In fact, the html for everything that's
supposed to appear below the 'About' text box was INSIDE the 'About' text box!

Since I couldn't submit my changes from there, I went to 'About' page itself (still logged on with
admin privileges), clicked 'Edit This Text' and it was the same there too (the html for submitting
was inside the text edit box.)

Also, on the 'About' page, the Admin menu appeared on the left side underneath of my 'About' info
and the links (Preferences, Accessibility, Metadata, etc.) are YOUR links, not mine! And they
contain other html.  For example the Preference link looks like this:
http://scout.wisc.edu/Projects/CWIS/index.php>Internet Scout Project</a>.  </div></div></td><td

It happens only on this page.
What the heck is going on?!

My site's at http://www.thecenterlibrary.org/cwis

Thanks much for your help.

Kim Scannell

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