[SPT/CWIS] CWIS MySQL installation ... possible minor improvement

Rolando Isidoro rli at uninova.pt
Thu May 26 12:40:13 CDT 2005

Hi, I've been using CWIS for quite a while now and I'm pretty satisfied 
with it. Nevertheless, recently I was confronted with a situation that 
lead me to think a little issue could be improved in future CWIS 
versions. I was given a unique MySQL database in a massive system for my 
personal use, where I plan to install CWIS alongside with other 
applications that like this one use MySQL. During the CWIS installation 
process the database where CWIS is to be installed must me empty and 
after words creates a series of tables:

APSessionData; APSessions; APUserPrivileges; APUsers; Announcements; 
Classifications; ControlledNames; FieldQualifierInts; Forums; Images; 
Messages; MetadataFields; OAIFieldMappings; OAIFormatNamespaces; 
OAIFormats; OAIQualifierMappings; Qualifiers; RSSConfiguration; 
RecContentCorrelations; ResourceClassInts; ResourceNameInts;
ResourceRatings; Resources; SearchFields; SearchWordCounts; SearchWords; 
Searches; SystemConfiguration; Topics; UIStyleConfiguration; UserSearch; 
UserUIPreferences; VariantNames

My advice is that in future CWIS releases during the installation 
process one would be given the chance to choose a prefix for each table, 
enabling a faster and simpler database management for the users, 
something like:

CWIS_APSessionData, CWIS_APSessions ... and so on.

Regards, Rolando

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