[SPT/CWIS] OAI-SQ Documentation

Edward Almasy ealmasy at scout.wisc.edu
Thu May 26 18:21:41 CDT 2005

   Hi all.  A number of people have inquired in the last few months
   about documentation for the OAI-SQ extension to the OAI-PMH protocol,
   and we finally have it online at:  http://scout.wisc.edu/Projects/OAISQ/

   This documentation is written in a very informal style, but (we hope)
   should be sufficiently clear and comprehensive to support the use of
   OAI-SQ.  (There really isn't *that* much to the protocol extension.)
   If questions or concerns about OAI-SQ (not OAI-PMH) remain after reading
   through the documentation, please post here or e-mail me off list.

   One additional note:  Although the posted documentation describes the
   full OAI-SQ extension as it will be available in the upcoming 1.4.0
   releases of CWIS and SPT, there is some additional text (see "Early
   Implementations") that covers the differences between full OAI-SQ and
   the somewhat abbreviated version implemented in SPT and CWIS releases
   1.3.1 and earlier.  (SPT/CWIS v1.4.0 will support the old version of
   OAI-SQ as well as the new, so if you're already using OAI-SQ with CWIS
   or SPT you should not have to make any changes when upgrading to 1.4.0.)


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