[SPT/CWIS] 1.5 upgrade problems

Scott Reeser scott.reeser at learn.uwsa.edu
Tue Jul 8 16:01:49 CDT 2008

I'm currently running v 1.4 of CWIS, we're swapping some equipment
around and are decommissioning the old box that CWIS ran on. As part of
the move, I wanted to upgrade to the latest version. However, I'm
running into issues that I can only guess are permissions related on the
files themselves. 

I specify the same locations/web location as the original install. The
only problem that seems to pop up is the following

"sh: /var/www/html/wfr.wlearn.com/OLDVERSION: Permission denied
Crontab file already contains entry for this CWIS installation.

The command-line portion of the installation has finished successfully."

So it seems that the install worked. However when I venture to the URL

"The following problems were detected during installation:

    * Unable to write configuration file."

I suspect no database changes were made since I'm able to replace the
'new' installation files with a backup and it seems to work fine. 

I'm tempted to just try a fresh install, since we don't have much data
in place, but it concerns me that the upgrade fails.

Scott Reeser
Continuing Ed., Outreach, & eLearning
UW - Extension
505 S. Rosa Rd.
Madison, WI 53711

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