[SPT/CWIS] CWIS 1.9.1 Released

Edward Almasy ealmasy at scout.wisc.edu
Mon Sep 21 10:16:54 CDT 2009

CWIS version 1.9.1 has been released, and is now available for  
download on the Scout web site at:

This is an ALPHA RELEASE, leading up to CWIS 2.0, and as such is not  
intended for production use on a live public site.

The primary focus of this version is the addition of the event and  
plugin subsystems, providing new mechanisms for extending and  
customizing the software.  This release also introduces the "Url" base  
metadata field type, adds significantly to the Developer  
Documentation, and includes a raft of minor and several major bug  
fixes.  (My thanks to everyone who sent in bug reports and worked with  
us to track down some of the problems!)

We would very much appreciate it if you could try this new release  
with a test copy of your existing CWIS-based site and report back on
any problems that you encounter.  In particular for this release we  
are interested in any feedback you may have on ways to make the plugin  
support more useful to you, or plugins you would like to see  
developed.  Bug reports and other feedback can be sent to: cwissupport at scout.wisc.edu

We look forward to your feedback on this new version of CWIS.


    Edward Almasy                             ealmasy at scout.wisc.edu
    Co-Director                                 1210 W Dayton Street
    Internet Scout                                  Madison WI 53706
    Computer Sciences Department                608-262-6606 (voice)
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