[SPTAnnounce] Problem installing SPT

Ellen Loehman loehman at aps.edu
Sun Nov 17 12:52:48 CST 2002

I found SPT and it is exactly what I need to set up a common database for my
school district science page.

I am running an Apache server (can't tell the version) on Red Hat 7.1, with
php v4.2.3 and mysql v 11.18 dist 3.23.53a.

SPT downloaded and installed just fine. I set up the SQL database and then
when to the Install.php script.  It told me repeatedly that it couldn't find
the host, the database or the user, no matter what values I entered.

So I manually configured include/SPT--Config.php and then did the Install
page again.  It set up the data tables just fine and shows the opening page.
But it has no functionality. Anything I try to do gives me an error message
   Fatal error: input in flex scanner failed in / on line 1

Just to be sure that I am not incompetent, I did the same thing on my Mac
OSX computer at home and it worked flawlessly (and impressively).

Can anyone help me figure out what the error in the Install.php script is?
I'm not a real geek, but I did manage to set up mySQL and php to work with
my server, so I'm not a newbie either.

The page is at http://manzano.aps.edu/science/SPT


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ellen Loehman
Manzano High School  Albuquerque NM
loehman at aps.edu

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