The art form of the music video gets its due....

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Max Grinnell
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Thursday, July 6th, 2006

It's rather hard to find actual music videos on television these days,

as reality fare tends to dominate such networks. The folks at Pitchfork

have compiled their own list of their personal favorite 100 music

videos, complete with witty commentaries and the like (and of course,

the video in question for your viewing pleasure. There are a few real

gems in here, including A-Ha's brilliant sketch-filled Take on Me.

Visitors should also go directly to the ponderous and Wagnerian video

for The Jackson's 1981 masterpiece, Can You Feel It. With an

introductory narration by Ken Nordine, this video features all of the

Jacksons as giants in a land of rainbows and ethereal creatures....good