About Us

The Internet Scout Research Group

Since 1994, the Internet Scout Research Group (Scout) has focused on developing better tools and services for finding, filtering, and presenting online information and metadata.

Located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison's campus, and part of the Computer Science Department in the University's College of Letters and Sciences, Scout has access to highly educated content specialists and a world-class array of computer science and library resources. Our eclectic staff blends academics and professionals from Library Science and Computer Science, along with graduate and undergraduate students studying the sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Research That Delivers Results

The Scout research team creates and delivers practical Web-based information and software solutions for educators, librarians, and researchers. Through standalone and collaborative projects, we focus on joining concepts from both Library and Computer Science with the latest in Internet technology to create tools and publication services that deliver.

Tools That Deliver Solutions

Our open source software tools are designed with academic and non-profit groups and users in mind. They are flexible, provide easy to use interfaces and can be set up without a lot of technical expertise. Our turn-key portal software, for example, allows digital collection developers to share their unique online materials and collections with colleagues and students throughout the world.

Publications That Deliver Knowledge

Scout's acclaimed reports and resource archives provide educators, students, researchers, and librarians with fast, convenient ways of staying informed about the most valuable online resources. Our most popular publication, The Scout Report, is one of the Web's oldest and most respected current awareness services. Published every Friday since 1994, it is received by more than 50,000 readers every week.

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Contacting Internet Scout

For electronic correspondence, please use our contact form or email scout@scout.wisc.edu. Mail can be directed to:

Internet Scout Research Group
Computer Sciences
1210 W. Dayton St.
Madison, WI 53706

If you would like to talk to or email a specific Scout staff member, phone numbers and email addresses are listed on the staff bios page.