Roller Coasters Reviewed, Discussed, and Dissected Here

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Max Grinnell
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Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

The world of roller-coasters can be fraught with dissension and debate. The Ultimate Rollercoaster website doesn't shy away from such matters, and visitors with a passion for such matters will find plenty to keep them entertained here. Visitors can read about the new Evel Knievel Roller Coaster at Six Flags, St. Louis and the fabled Kentucky Rumbler wooden roller coaster that reigns supreme over Beach Bend Park. Don't forget to look in on their book of records and their extensive online photo gallery. The coverage here is uniformly solid, though there's precious little on other aspects of the amusement park experience, and nary a word on carnies or the relative merits of differing methods of corn dog preparation.