Play ball!

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Bryan Schneider
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Monday, March 23rd, 2009

A chill is still in the air here in Wisconsin (actually it was 10 degrees, today), but we know that Spring is on its way because Major League Baseballs opening night is only 24 days 22 hours and 32 minutes away (at least as I write this blog). For this reason, I felt it appropriate to mention my favorite baseball statistics website, Ive always found this site to be much more useful than anything actually produced by Major League Baseball. Finding statistics from a mere two years ago is almost impossible at, but Baseball-Reference is there to help, providing statistics from the 1851 season onward. In addition to just raw data, everyday a new Stat of the Day is provided. Recently, one of these stats was that Alex Rodriguez, currently of steroid fame, has the single season record for the most homeruns by a shortstop. Apparently steroids do have an effect on the record books? Who would have guessed! Regardless of that, find your own fun facts with this great resource for baseball fans.