A Curious Case of Foreign Accent Syndrome

Posted By: 
Autumn Hall-Tun
Posted On: 
Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

This story from NPR highlights Foreign Accent Syndrome, a rare but fascinating condition that can happen after a brain injury, resulting in the patient's accent changing drastically. The story profiles Karen Butler, a woman from the United States who developed the condition after being put under anesthesia while having dental work done. I recommend listening to the audio of the news story to hear Karen's accent, which sounds somewhat Scottish. Running time for the audio clip is 3:58.


I have just listened that audio file of 3.58 minutes. This is truly a rare accent syndrome which changes patient's accent drastically, I've also heard that it changes the patern and texture of gray hair. I might be wrong,but I've heard it from someone who is expert in the field. I have just taken a look at gaizupath to see whether it has any link between gray hair and dramatic accent changes, but got no answer about the case.

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