Google Video (Beta)

The imagineers at Google continue to expand the horizons of Web search technology with this nifty gateway to a growing archive of television content. Networks and channels participating in the current beta phase of the project include, in San Francisco, KGO (ABC), KRON, KNTV (NBC), KQED and, nationally, C-SPAN, C-SPAN2, PBS, and Fox News.

ChildSafe International

ChildSafe International (CSI) educates and increases pubic awareness about the safety of the internet through internet campaigns, newsletters, brochures, and public announcements. Users can view CSI safe sites, play games, learn about internet solutions, and much more.


Wondering whether your grid rage is a legacy of maturalism or just a matter of purple state resonance? Time to consult Buzzwhack, an online site dedicated to de-mystifying the haze of buzzwords and jargon that too often complicate personal communication today.


This site is a knowing and funny send-up of new economy marketing chic from some cool folks at BuildingOnline, itself a Web ad agency. Our consulting ideas will entice and excite you. Our professional design solutions will give you the confidence to succeed. And our web site will make you think we know what we're doing.


Amphicar.net is the place on the Internet where the Amphicar owner finds a friendly harbor offering an absolutely free website hosted together with those of other like-minded web toed motorists... What more need be said about this portal to the

exotic world of amphibious automobiles.

Australian Science at Work

In an effort to promote Australias scientific contributions; the

Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre offers this expansive

database of scientific, technological, and medical institutions,

industries, and organizations. Users can also find a searchable

bibliography containing works related to Australian science and