Federico Garca Lorca

This site is part of the Academy of American Poets poets.org site. Here you will not only find an excellent, albeit brief, biography of one of Spain's greatest poets and a bibliography of his work, but also links to some excellent translations of his work by Robert Bly and William Logan. (The Logan translations also have links to the works in Spanish.)

Light Not Heat

Two scientists at Sandia National Laboratories have come up with new filament technology that may increase the efficiency of a standard incandescent light bulb from 5% to 60%. This may give us light bulbs that run cooler and use only a small fraction of the electricity, but an even more exciting application of the technology may be photovoltaics that are four times more efficient than those currently in use.

Common Chewing Gum Wrappers

Maybe the Web does have everything! Not only does this site have many excellent images of various gum wrappers, but also a well-written history of chewing gum (although it stops about 1950) and a detailed chronology of Wrigley's gum wrappers. Perhaps in 50 years we will be reading about Hubba Bubba circa 1985.

Paint-On Displays

Nature magazine reports on technology developed by a team in the Netherlands that could allow you to paint an LCD display (a screen similar to those used by laptop computers or flat-screen TVs) onto a wall of your home, or even incorporate LCD displays into an item of clothing.

This is also being reported on by AP via CNN.