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Document markup languages -- Software

WebEQ 2.0 at the Geometry Center

WebEQ 2.0 is a package of Java applets that allow the user to easily incorporate complex mathematical notation into HTML documents. The package supports the WebTeX mark-up language which is similar to LaTeX, but based on MathML, the proposed HTML mathematical mark-up standard. The language is easy-to-learn, especially for those who have had LaTeX experience. The WebEQ engine will be able to...

Brackets is a text editor designed especially for front-end web developers. Web development workflow often involves jumping between the HTML, Javascript, and CSS files that comprise a site. Many other editors support this workflow by allowing users to open multiple files in tabs. Brackets supports tabs too, but also provides an "inline editor" feature that can quickly open related files. For...

Asciidoctor is a publishing system that processes source files written in the AsciiDoc minimal markup format to produce output in HTML5, DocBook, PDF, and a number of other formats. According to the pull-quote on the Asciidoctor front page from Linux creator Linus Torvalds, AsciiDoc is a good format to use because "it's actually readable by humans, easier to parse and way more flexible than XML."...