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Aging -- Animal models


View Resource Two New Studies Suggest That Caloric Restriction in Monkeys May Extend Their Life and Health

Dr. Roy Verdery of the Arizona Center on Aging recently announced results of a study in which captive monkeys that had a 30 percent reduction in calories had elevated levels of good cholesterol and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Working with a variety of taxa from mice to monkeys, scientists interested in the causes of aging have recently made significant advances in scientists'...
View Resource Mice Offer Lessons on Aging

The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Science Beat offers interesting feature articles about research from Berkeley lab and partner organizations. This article offers a fascinating look at aging research utilizing transgenic mice -- an inquiry into "the genetic roots of aging in everyone." The article includes Web links to related material from the institutions participating in these research...
View Resource The Methuselah Mouse Prize

While the average human lifespan has increased markedly over the past one hundred years, the ceiling has hardly been reached. An interesting contest, The Methuselah Mouse Prize -- presumably named after the biblical character who was said to have lived 969 years -- seeks to "promote public interest and involvement in research on mammalian life extension and encourage more such research on mice and...