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Food consumption -- United States

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View Resource Colleges Begin to Embrace Fresh Food Movement

In previous decades, the quality of food in many college cafeterias varied widely, and many institutions began to serve more mass-produced entrees as their enrollments began to rise after World War II. This pendulum is beginning to swing back the other way, as more than 200 universities and close to 400 school districts are starting to give more support to a farm-to-cafeteria movement that...
View Resource Food Policy Institute at Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

Established as a research unit of Rutgers University, the Food Policy Institute is interested in "supporting public and private decision makers who shape aspects of the food system within which government, agriculture, industry and the consumer interact." Interested parties can get the basic sense of what the Institute does on a regular basis by looking over the short introductory essay in the...
View Resource 1850s & 1860s Hotel and Restaurant Menus

The University of Houston has increased its digital offerings in recent years to allow visitors to make their way through everything from home retail pamphlets from the 1920s to copper plate engravings from Theodor de Bry's "Grandes Voyages." This particular collection offers users access to 80 different menus from the 1850s and 1860s. The menus are taken from establishments that were located all...