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Indus civilization

Harappa: The Indus Valley and the Raj in India and Pakistan

Harappa was a city in the Indus Valley civilization that flourished around 2,500 B.C. in the western part of South Asia. This site, produced by Omar Khan, contains a number of items related to the study of this ancient city, including a 90-slide tour of the Indus Valley and 3-D computer recreations of the city's gateway and surrounding topography. The site also offers a large number of audio and...
Art of the First Cities: The Third Millenium B.C. from the Mediterranean to the Indus

Designed to complement "Art of the First Cities" -- an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum through August 17, 2003 --this Web site presents almost two dozen examples of Third Millennium B.C. art from the region called the "cradle of civilization," an area stretching from the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean across Iran and Central Asia to the Indus Valley. The site is divided into eight thematic...