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Finance, Public -- Research

View Resource ICGFM The International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management: International List Serve

FinanceNet's (discussed in the July 29, 1994 Scout Report) "International" mailing list addresses issues related to international government financial management. Discussions will broadly relate to topics such as government accounting, audits, financial statements, budgets, financial operations and policy, controls, revenues and taxation, accountability and stewardship and all other topics of...
View Resource Soft Currency Economics

Created by Warren Mosler, a partner of Adams, Viner, and Mosler, Ltd., Soft Currency Economics aims to "clearly demonstrate, through pure force of logic, that much of the public debate on many of today's economic issues is invalid, often going so far as to confuse costs with benefits." Mosler attempts to show this through a variety of articles and opinion pieces published from 1997 to the present....
View Resource Vox

Online portals that take on policy issues in different parts of the world are increasing in popularity and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) recently created just such a portal. Working in tandem with a number of existing sites, the Vox site is designed to feature "research-based policy analysis and commentary from Europe's leading economists." As such, the site consists of original...