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View Resource American Chemical Society: Division of Organic Chemistry

Established in 1908, the American Chemical Society (ACS) Organic Chemistry Division created this website to illustrate its work to cultivate and promote the advancement of the field of organic chemistry. Researchers can learn about upcoming meetings and conferences. Chemistry students and educators can learn about fellowship, awards, and employment opportunities. The website provides an extensive...
View Resource Oxford University: Interactive Organic Mechanisms

This Oxford University website offers new Macromedia Flash Player interactive tutorials to assist students with organic chemistry reactions. After a brief summary of nucleophilic substitutions and eliminations involving one and two components in the rate determining step, students can learn about the reactions through a series of problems with useful guidelines. After an individual finishes the...
View Resource Chem51A: Organic Chemistry

The OpenCourseWare Initiative has brought hundreds of course materials to people from Indonesia to Indiana. The University of California, Irvine has a number of excellent materials, one of which is this particular course offering. This course in organic chemistry was created by Professor James Nowick. On the site, visitors can view 27 different lectures from the fall 2009 iteration of the course....
View Resource Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry

Before his retirement in 1999, Professor William Reusch began working on a virtual organic chemistry textbook that could be used by anyone with an interest in the subject. On this site, visitors can take advantage of his labors, and the introduction to this important subject offered on the homepage is a great place to start. After entering the main area of the site, visitors will find two columns...