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Operating systems (Computers) -- Software

Mac OS X public beta

Mac OS X (read OS ten) is Apple's next-generation operating system and represents the largest overhaul of the Mac OS to date. Mac OS X promises to bring key technical features such as protected memory (which prevents an individual application from crashing the entire system) to the Macintosh platform for the first time. In addition to completely replacing the underpinnings of the Mac OS, Apple is...
Rewind, Repair, Replay: Three R's to Dependability

One of the most important features in current software applications is the undo command, which allows users to revert to previous states in their documents. A relatively unexplored concept involves system undo, a method of restoring settings in a system that were accidentally changed by the operator. This research paper discusses "a model of undo that matches the needs of human error recovery and...
EROS: The Extremely Reliable Operating System

The Extremely Reliable Operation System (EROS) "is a capability-based operating system designed to support the security and reliability needs of active systems." The EROS homepage has documentation about the system's development and principles, as well as source code and links to download the software. Developers will find tutorials, installation instructions, and manuals on programming for EROS....
Darwin: Open Source

On March 16th, 1999, Apple computer made two announcements that indicate radical changes in the direction of its OS. One of these announcements was that Apple is releasing the source code to portions of Mac OS X server. The project, called Darwin, has not only released the foundation layers of the operating system, but established a system of user-contributed modifications to the source. Modeled...
Apple: Mac OS X Server

On March 16th, 1999, Apple computer made two announcements that indicate radical changes in the direction of its OS. One of these announcements was the release of Mac OS X Server, billed as "the first modern operating system" ever shipped by Apple. Based on BSD Unix and the Mach kernel, it includes standard Unix features such as protected memory, pre-emptive multitasking, and full process...

The word "ubuntu" is an African word that means "Humanity to others". It seems like an appropriate name for a free operating system that contains a slew of applications such as a web browser, document and spreadsheet software, and instant messaging. This particular version is compatible with all operating systems running Linux.

OPNSense is an open source operating system that can be used to build a firewall appliance. When installed on a dedicated computer (typically with at least two network cards), it can provide protection and monitoring for an entire network. OPNSense includes "captive portal" features that can be used to manage a public wifi network. It also incorporates network traffic monitoring using the...