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Marine animals -- North Pacific Ocean

View Resource The Disruption of Coastal Food Webs

This week's In The News addresses recent findings (published in the October 16, 1998 issue of Science) that killer whale predation on sea otters in the North Pacific has "created an ecological chain reaction in nearshore ecosystems." Such ecological chain reactions refer to the disruption of the complex balance between predator and prey species. Killer whales, which traditionally fed on the (now...
View Resource California Marine Sportfish Identification: Index to Common and Scientific Names

Produced by the California Department of Fish and Game to aid fishermen, this resource provides a wealth of information on the gamefish of the Pacific coast. Users can access information about a fish species by clicking on its Latin name, common name, or image. The description of each species includes its family, physical description, the areas in which it is commonly found, and its feeding and...