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Internet radio broadcasting -- Software.

View Resource Jet Audio Basic 5.12

Jet Audio is an integrated multimedia software program that allows for simple playback, but includes dozens of other helpful features, such as the ability to record music, the ability to convert to other file formats, and the option to broadcast music over the Internet. Other features include speed control (without pitch change), an alarm and timer, a number of equalizer modes, and crossfading...
View Resource Nicecast 1.0

While some computer users may be content with listening to streaming music feeds online, others may be compelled to broadcast their own musical selections. This is made quite easy by the Nicecast application, which helps users create their own internet radio station, along with affording users access to their iTunes music library from anywhere across the globe. The application includes a built-in...
View Resource JetAudio Basic

Multimedia software can be a bit pricey at times, so it is with great relief that the Scout Report can report on a new version of the visually stimulating JetAudio Basic application. With its compact design, this application allows visitors to create their own Internet broadcasts, and it also can play all major file formats. For those who love audio effects, the application can also create nice...